I was born in another time, in a fantastic world, where I saw colors and I lived free, in harmony with nature.
I slept on airport chairs and in the freshly cut wheat fields. I woke up, sometimes on a beach with the scent of the sea, sometimes in the warmth of a mountain chalet.
I observed lights, street lamps, stars, streets, skyscrapers.
I lived among people from all places, I knew feelings, sounds, images of a free world, far from conformism.
I met fashion, and the result has the same taste, the same atmosphere and the same colors of my experiences: BOB, bold, lively person, dreamer.

BOB runs and lives between colorful details, gives personality and style with high quality workmanships.
With its unique creations, he conveys optimism, freedom, life.
He tells stories and speaks with people about experiences, he wants make them PROTAGONISTS.

“I’m not interested in temporary fashion, I want to create a lifestyle. I want to bring movement,
paint the air vibrations, impress dynamism in a style designed and realized for people
of any age who share with me passions, curiosity and the desire to stay together”